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Police Strategic Training Group  PSTGP, LLC
4-Day Comprehensive
March 6-9, 2023
Michigan State Police (MSP) Training Academy
7426 North Canal
Lansing, MI 48913

July 31-August 3, 2023
OCC Auburn Hills
2900 Featherstone
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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Course Enrollment:
Courses are open to all sworn local, county, state and federal law enforcement, as well as fire service personnel. 
Other public safety personnel with a legitimate need may also be admitted on a case by case basis.
We reserve the right to decline enrollment to anyone at our sole discretion.

Non Destructive Entry (NDE/Lockpicking)

Why Use Non-Destructive Entry (Lock Picking)?   Simple: in many cases, law enforcement and the fire service uses the most expensive, the most destructive and least effective method to make entry into residential and commercial structures.  Sometimes a rapid, dynamic and destructive entry is necessary and tactically required.  However, sometimes a tactical situation may benefit from an alternative breach point using an alternative method.  In other cases, someone inside a dwelling may simply be in need of assistance and be unable to come to the door (think "lift assist", welfare checks or other non-urgent events).  In still other cases, entry is necessary for community caretaker and/or emergency situations, such as a house that is flooding, a welfare check, a suspicious circumstance, or similar.  How many times has a door been destroyed on a welfare check of the resident only to discover that they were on vacation?  The average cost to repair a door forced open can be expensive and in the hundreds of dollars, if not the thousands in some cases  Not to mention the lost time to wait for a board-up crew when those officers could be clear and back on thee street, or the insecure structure you leave behind, and the loss of good will for a destroyed home or business.  The same techniques will also work with a residential lockout, should you choose to also perform this.


We provide training and supplies for law enforcement and other public safety in Non Destructive Entry (NDE).  This training provides an alternative option to forced destruction when breaching a residential or commercial structure.  The techniques allow police and fire agencies a tactical option of entry, as well as the option to make entry in other circumstances where causing damage may be undesirable.  

We also offer several entry tools and products for law enforcement and public safety, most at a significant discount. 

MCOLES 302 Funding:  "This training has been registered with MCOLES for the use of PA 302 Law Enforcement Distribution funds."

March 6-9, 2023: MSP Training Academy, Lansing, MI (**CLASS FULL**- Check directly with MSP)

July 31-August 3, 2023: OCC Auburn Hills- CREST

**If you desire a private hosted class, please contact us at or 586-413-7894

Space is limited- please enroll early.

Enrollment is EASY!  Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out the online form (except for MSP course- please see course flyer for direct enrollment with MSP).

What this course is:   These courses offer a introduction into the art of lock picking and lock bumping as it applies in the law enforcement and fire fighter environment.  They will teach you the basics of these skills, and give you an opportunity to start to develop those skills on practice locks in the class.  The course will also teach you how those skills can be applied in a police agency or fire department environment in the course of your duties.  This is a course specifically designed with the law enforcement officer and fire fighter in mind.

This course is unlike any other.  We gear all of the content, instruction, and training to the Law Enforcement Officer and Fire Fighter in mind.  We provide you with the very best classroom instruction with the most hands on practice of any course, including highly organized course training and plenty of one-on-one time.

This course instruction and content is geared for municipal, county and state law enforcement and fire service personnel to make a non damaging entry. 

Why Kick It When You Can Pick It®

What people are saying about this course:
"Great course- Awesome set of tools"
"The instructor is very well informed"
"Plenty of hands on experience with the classroom materials"
"Great course!"
"A lot of 'hands on' training"
"Instructor was excellent and friendly.  Offered plenty of assistance to students.  Enjoyed trying all different types of locks."
"Large inventory of equipment, used both for practice and for demonstration, really helped the two-day introductory course leave a lasting impression and provided great 'Bang for the Buck"
"Bar none- no other law enforcement course has allowed us to walk away with such a large and useful tool bag.  I am confident I can respond to any call for assistance."
"I learned a lot about locks"
"Great class. Looking forward to the advanced class"
"Learned a new skill- lots of hands-on"
"Good material, lots of products, very relevant"
I liked the "instruction and one on one time and equipment"
Course had "enough repetitions and practice to build confidence to use in the field"
"Great Course"
"Outstanding amount of physical tools and knowledge"
"The hands on material was phenomenal!!"
The "content and hands on training was very thorough"
I liked the "hands on and one-on-one availability"
"Hands on skill time best!"
"This was some of the top training I've received in my 16 years"
"More tools and locks that I could use.  Instruction was excellent"
Course was "hands on, instructive, to the point with good materials"
"Excellent source of information that has a practical use"
"Awesome course, very informative and valuable"
"Easy to understand instructions, lots of guidance"

One student recently wrote in to say:
"I have never failed to defeat a lock on duty!  My last door was a handle and deadbolt in under three minutes.  Invaluable skill."

Enrollment:  Enrollment is easy!  You may enroll for this course by:
1)  sending your information to
2)  or by filling in the information form/section below (please be sure to note the course title you are enrolling for and the date).  
3)  PAYMENT: Once you register for the course, you can pay for the course when you receive your confirming invoice via email from our invoicing program.  With that link you receive, you can then pay via credit card, or you can print the invoice and pay via check and U.S. Mail.  You will also receive a separate email confirming your enrollment in the course.

**Note: Courses at MSP Training Academy in Lansing are enrolled directly with MSP.  All other locations, including WCC and OCC, have enrollment and payment directly with Professional Police Training.

Participants will receive a course booklet.

Cost: See flyer for cost, which can vary slightly by course location.  Every effort is made to keep the class affordable, while still providing every student with a robust set of high quality tools.  We accept check or credit card via the invoicing program after registration.  Checks made payable to PSTGP, LLC, may be mailed to:

Professional Police Training/PSTGP, LLC
Attn: Keith A Wuotinen
6689 Orchard Lake Road #228
West Bloomfield, MI  48322

Once you enroll with the online form, an invoice will be sent to you electronically via email from our invoicing program.

Class runs 0800 AM to 400 PM each day

**This course has a strict 3-week cancellation policy due to the extensive preparation made for each student.  Any cancellations made with less than 3-weeks cannot be refunded, however you may substitute a different student.  Pre-payment is kindly requested and required.



We can accept check or credit card through our invoicing program.  Courses at the MSP Training Academy are paid directly with MSP.

Course:  This four-day course on non-destructive entry (NDE) is perfect for the patrol officer, patrol supervisor, special response team (SRT/SWAT), or investigations/detectives in your agency, as well as the professional fire fighter/public safety.  The course is open to all sworn personnel, including applicable Federal law enforcement and fire service personnel.  In this course you will learn the basics of non-destructive entry, including basic lock picking, basic lock bypassing and bumping. additional bypass techniques, and new techniques related to less-destructive entry (for locks that cannot be picked, bumped or bypassed), and several other options to make the law enforcement and fire service professional (patrol officer, patrol supervisor, SRT/SWAT, or detective or FPO) much more proficient with their entries and offering them several options and alternatives when assessing a location for entry.  Lock decoding, pinning and key identification will be covered. The class has been specially designed with law enforcement and fire personnel in mind, and will focus on those types of residential and commercial locks you are most likely to encounter in the course of your employment.  You will be given the opportunity to work on over 200+ locks, including knob locks, lever handled locks, deadbolt locks, commercial mortise locks, tubular, combination and padlocks.  Legal issues related to NDE will also be covered.  Students will be issued as part of the course a professional lock pick set, as well as several other related entry tools.  Course cost is listed on each individual flyer by location.



Enroll Online with the form below, or you may also enroll by sending an email to, specifying your name, agency, address, phone number, email and class/dates you are attending.

POLICE and FIRE enroll using same methods (same course dates/locations for police/fire).

The courses are open to all sworn local, county, state and federal law enforcement personnel and fire service personnel. Other public safety personnel with a legitimate need may also enroll.

Please bring agency identification to class on the first day.  Employment will be verified prior to the class date and identification will be checked on the first day. 

Course information, class dates, course content all subject to change at any time without notice. Courses are subject to cancellation and/or date changes.


Online Registration Form Below:
Within 72 hours of email or online registration you will receive a confirming email.  Additionally, if time permits between your registration date and the course date, you will receive written confirmation of your enrollment that includes an invoice and W-9 tax form.  If there is a certain contact person or different address for billing, please also include that information.
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